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Click Above for Godfrey Birtill (PayPal)

Dear Friends,

If any of you would like to support Godfrey and Gill Birtill it would be very much appeciated. We love them and we want them to be mega-blessed in their later years for all they've given to the global church over the last thirty years.

Godfrey's songs have rocked the world, and brought joy, hope and laughter to thousands. Rooted in the Happy Gospel, they are more than songs, they are oracles from Heaven shouting loudly 'God is for us!'. We can't thank Godfrey and Gill enough for all they have done, all they continue to do and the future impact these songs will have for generations to come.

You can make a massive difference to these heroes of the faith by your support!

Much Appreciation and Love,

Justin and Rachel Abraham, Company of Burning Hearts

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